The trees were in peak foliage season.  Reds, yellow, Fall Walkgreens and browns against a clear blue sky.  The air was fresh and clean with a bit of a chill.  I strolled and started thinking about seasons.  Seasons of the year, our lives, our businesses.

Each season is beautiful and each season has things that we complain about.  We need all of the pieces to complete the cycle.

One thing I find fascinating about the seasons is that as we get towards the end of one, we get tired of it and are ready to move on.  For instance, I love the first snow but after a while I get tired of being cold and start searching for the first flower.

The tools you need for each season vary too.  Warm clothes and snow boots in the winter, shovels and spades to loosen the soil in the spring, sprinklers in the summer and rakes in the autumn.
It’s the same in a business.

As time passes in your business the tools you need vary.  The projects you work on change and the level of support you need shifts.  There are times when things are going great, growing seems effortless and you don’t want to change a thing.  There are other times when it seems that no matter what you do nothing moves and you can’t wait for it to end.

My suggestion to you is to allow the seasons to change because (as my son loves to say) resistance is futile.  

Look around yourself and actively search for what is good.  What is there to enjoy today in this season of your business?  What are you getting tired of?  What was going great but just isn’t cutting it anymore?  

I do know a couple of things for sure.  One is that before you know it you’ll be onto the next thing. There will be new sights, new sounds, new smells and new opportunities to interest you.  The other thing I know is that, you need the hardships to enjoy the successes.  Without the frosts of early autumn the colors in the leaves would not be as vibrant.

Look at your business.  Look at the things you’ve been working on.  What are you ready to leave behind?  What’s coming up next?  Let me know by sharing with me.