He was feeling overwhelmed and unfocused.  There were so many things he wanted to do.  So many events he wanted to go to.  So many classes he wanted to take.  So many opportunities he wanted to take advantage of.

Road CrackI asked him what his overall goal was and he told me simply…he needed to communicate with his clients and prospects regularly.  I asked him what additional information or skills he needed to do that.  His response, “None.”  I said, “It sounds like you are trying to fill gaps that are already full.”  His response…laughter.

My comment hit home.  He was being drawn like a bee towards honey.  There was more to know, more to do, more, more, more.  However, every time he added more knowledge he grew his to-do list with another bunch of items that seemed to never get done.

Sure we can all do more and we can all learn more; however, first we need to do what we already have OR decide not to do it.

So what did he end up doing?

He went on an “information diet”.  He decided that for the next three months he would stop taking classes and registering for events.  He would NOT spend his time listening to the hours of seminars he had downloaded (both the free ones and the ones he paid for).  He realized that if he simply did what he already had with what he already knew he would no longer be overwhelmed.  He would be able to focus on specific action steps and grow his business.

If you’re gathering more information than you’re actually using I urge you to consider if you’re trying to fill gaps that are already full or even fill gaps that don’t even exist.  This constant accumulation actually adds bumps in the road and makes it more difficult for you to navigate and enjoy a smooth ride.  What is it time for you to stop accumulating?